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Our Online Courses

– International Standards –
International Standards

Choose any two courses for R1200
Or one course for R900

Do your course and then take the quiz at the end when you’ve finished listening to the audios.

Do not press the ‘Complete quiz’ button until you have finished studying.


✅ Check your email address carefully to ensure it is correct. Go into your inbox and check every letter and digit

✅ When registering, enter the number of your passport or id and *not the word ‘passport’ or ‘ID’

✅  Save your username and password in more than one place

✅ Download course course manual PDFs

✅ Download all your audios

Don’t do:

❌ Don’t submit an incorrect email address as we won’t be able to send you your certificates if your email address is not correct

❌ Don’t click the blue ‘Complete course’ button until you have finished studying and listening to your course audios

❌ Don’t click the blue ‘Complete course’ until you have finished studying and listening to your course audios

Elderly Care Assistant course

Elderly Care Assistant, Nurse Aide Course

Elderly companion combo with First Aid  This course gives you more all round experience in how to be a excellent companion to an elderly person in their own home. This is akin to an elderly care worker, but has more knowledge on how to cook, prepare correct nutritionally based meals, crafts reading and general companion care.

Advanced Childcare Course

Advanced Childcare Course
Early Childhood Development

The Classic Internationally Recognised Childcare Combo Course with infant care night nursing, new born care international nanny standards with Au Pair with First Aid

Special Needs Course

Special Needs, DISABILITIES Combo Course

The A-Z basics: How to care for children and adults with Special Needs
Gain knowledge of Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities and much more.. Includes first aid

Craft and Activities Course

Craft and Activities Course

Craft And Stimulating Activity Course, very necessary so you know how to keep children occupied and creative, leads to higher paid jobs… nannies in general lack these skills

Assistant Chef Course

Assistant Chef, Cookery and Baking Course

Intermediate level with full colour manuals and recipe books..  Designed, colorful and easy to use


How to register on our Student Portal

Step 1:

Click the button below

Step 2:

Scroll down to browse our courses. Click the ‘Add course’ button below the course you choose

Step 3:

To get two courses for only R1200, click ‘Add another course’

Step 4:

Scroll down and click the ‘Add course’ button below your second course choice

Step 5:

Scroll down and click ‘Click to buy’

Step 6:

In order to buy your course/s, you will first need to register an account. The details you provide here will be used for your certification, so triple check them before clicking the ‘Submit’ button

Step 7:

You will see your billing details. Scroll down and select a paygate (either Yoco or Paystack – Both support credit/debit card payments). Click the ‘Complete payment’ button to buy your course/s

Step 8:

Fill in your card number, expiry date and CVC number using our secure payment gateway. Check every digit and when you are sure it is all correct, click ‘Pay.’ You may need to verify the payment on your banking app

Step 9:

Once your payment is complete, you will see your courses. Stay with the portal.. Click the ‘Start learning’ button to begin your course

Step 10:

First read the important information at the top of the screen, then scroll down to see all your course material that you can download to your phone

Step 11:

Once you’ve finished studying, come back to this page and click ‘Complete the quiz’. Answer all five questions to complete your course and receive your certification and practical work experience paperwork via email

Study material

You get exactly the same material as you would if you were physically training.


Whatsapp students receive audios as well, which you don’t get in physical class.


You get your certification within a week to two weeks depending on your schedule


You get to graduate. Go to the Chilton Au Pair and Nanny Training College Facebook page


You get to do real physical practical work experience, part time or full time in your area

Chilton Award

Recognised worldwide

Our history, and historic track record, references and testimonials go back decades.

It’s so easy to find people who have successfully completed a Chilton course, our Facebook page has thousands of happy students, references and students who got jobs by following the Chilton methods.

Go to the Chilton au pair and nanny training college page Facebook page
and check out our long solid history..

Your Questions Answered

Click on the ‘+’ to see the answer to your question..

Will I get a job?

Our job assistance is built into our course work. it’s very important that you follow our audios advice exactly. You’ll be fine.

Trust the process.

Where are you based?

We were based in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg and the Holy Spirit Centre, 109A Coronation Road, Maitland, Cape Town, however we have gone online, since March 2020 due to Covid. We are staying online. We are not reopening the campus.

Can I come and see you at your office?

We are only online, therefore we do not have a physical address.

Are Chilton certificates recognised overseas?

In the past 17 years Chilton has seen many of its students successfully get jobs overseas through various methods and avenues around the world.

Is Chilton recognised under the South African Nursing Council?

Chilton courses do not fall under the nursing council sector.

Our courses are primarily focused on elderly care companions that also undertake meal planning, cooking and creative hobbies with the elderly persons.

All Chilton courses are short courses, focused on soft skills based in the domestic environment. Though many of our students have been hired here in facilities and overseas.

How long is the course?

Students do this in your own time and at your own pace entirely.. A few days to a few weeks.

What is the difference between Elderly Care Assistant/Nurse Aide and Special Needs?

The Elderly Care Assistant, Nurse Aide Course deals with frail elderly persons, not disabilities.

The Special Needs Course deals with disabilities, e.g. physical, emotional and intellectual challenges the adult or child may have. It is not an elderly care course.

When can I start?

Once we get proof of payment, you’ll start the same day.

Can I do a course if I am working full-time?

Yes, our courses can be taken full time or part time, depending on your schedule. You study in your own time, at your own pace.

What do I need for the course?

No requirements. We will need proof of payment along with your full name and ID no or passport no and email address. We accept any type of passport, your own country ID or asylum.

How do I get my original certificates?

The certificates you receive via email are original, meaning you print for the first time. Original means first print, not a copy. You get original certificates to print for the first time.

How do I print my certificates and practical work experience paperwork?

Go to a good printing shop/internet café. For SA students, we recommend Postnet for good quality printing.

Certificates: Ask for A4 colour and print on thin grade white card. We recommend printing at least two sets of your certificates and laminating one set to keep as your first print.

Practical Work Experience Paperwork and Testimonial Letter: Print in colour on normal A4 typing paper. You will need these for your practicals and job applications. Keep them in a file for future use.

Always attach copies of your certificates with your updated CV and typed references when applying for jobs.

How will I graduate?

All students are welcome to attend either Johannesburg or Cape Town graduations. Graduation is limited to these two main cities only. These are held 4 times a year. It’s a choice.

Graduations are posted on our Facebook page, Chilton Au Pair and Nanny Training College. Scroll down to view the latest graduation information and dates.

When is graduation?

The dates are posted on our Facebook page Chilton Au Pair and Nanny Training College.

We strongly recommend that all students open their own Facebook account, as many jobs are accessed through Facebook groups, as well as news from Chilton.

Can I graduate if I haven’t completed my practicals?

Yes, you can

Where can I get a uniform?

Chilton uniform Chilton uniform Chilton uniform Chilton uniform male Chilton uniform male

Google uniform shops closest to where you live. They are stocked country wide.

You must never approach a facility without your uniform on as that will give the wrong impression.

Get your course now so you can graduate soon..

Go to the Chilton Au Pair and Nanny Training College Facebook page for information on our current graduation ceremony

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